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IPHC Men's Ministry Empowerment Conference in Greensboro, NC. October 24-25, 2014  Flyer Website Link

4/24/14 2014 Passport to Missions & 2014 Missions Fest!
fyi 4/15/14 Emmanuel College is celebrating 95 years and the success of the Growing Forward campaign. Pastors: Pease download this information.
SC IPHC 1/10/14 2014 Quadrennial Conference Registration Form - Must be filled out and returned to Conference. One FORM per person.
DM - DCPI 4/9/14 2014 ATAM Golf Tournament Brochure & 2014 ATAM Golf Tournament Form
  4/8/14  Royal Rangers 2014 Field Day Flyer 
Girls Camp  4/7/14  2014 GM Contest & 2014 Girls Campout Registration Form   
fyi  4/3/14  The AWAKENING!  April 12-16 - Be sure to check out our Calendar for more information and flyer downloads. 
IPHC  4/3/14  Video 2014 Easter Greeting from Bishop  Dr. Doug Beacham 
DM - DCPI 3/21/14 DCPI - Church Planting Training. Download Flyer with all the information
SC IPHC 3/20/14 Nelwyn Miles' Retirement letter - Click here to open
SC IPHC 3/18/14 2014 Campmeeting Information
IPHC 3/17/14 March edition of Encourage magazine. Click here to download.
Camp 2/28/14 Please go to the Camp Page to download 2014 Camp forms and applications: 2014 Youth Camp Speakers, 2014 Youth Camp Workers Application, and 2014 Youth Camp Camper Registration.
2/24/14 Attention to all local WM! We need information concerning any local WM that has lost a member that has served in WM leadership. This is going to be information that will be compiled in our Memoirs Report on May 10, 2014. Please send a brief bio along with a picture to our First Lady, Mrs. Tamara Amos, or email her at  ALL information is due NO LATER than March 8, 2014. Please contact Mrs. Tamara at the given email if you have any questions.
fyi 2/20/14 Tips for Preparing a Ministerial Cover Letter, Resume and Reference Letter. You can also download a pdf of the information on the page.
2/14/14 WM's 2014 Manual: Destination Guide Women's Ministries Leader's Guide. Order Today - $10.00
  2/09/14 You can now pay your Tithes online. Ministers are already taking advantage of this convenient method. File with ERS, then make your payment by following the appropriate links.
  2/09/14 14 in 2014 Project.  


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